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What is the raw material of Tokoz Adjustable (floating) Floor Pedestals ?

It is produced from 100% recycling polypropylene raw material.

Isn’t it inconvenient to use it on insulation?

Width of base diameters of the products eliminates anchorage need. As anchorage is not made, any negative effect of Tokoz Pedestal products on the insulation is out of question. On the contrary, it allows users to intervene in point in possible problems.

Which rate of slope (%) can it be used in maximum?

It is recommended to pour slope cement up to 7% for the floors on which application will be performed without cementing or anchorage. Anchorage or cementing will be necessary since system stability decreases at the slopes with higher rates.

Where will Tokoz Adjustable (floating) Floor Pedestals be used?

It can be implemented indoors and outdoors and on all kinds of floor that are trafficable or non-trafficable.

What kind of materials can be implemented on the system?

All kinds of product can be used which they can show resistance to pressure and impact loads arising from structural bearings.

How are water and chemical being evacuated flowing from open joints under the system?

Drain points should be at the elevation where slope cement is the lowest under system. In this way, water and chemicals will be evacuated easily through slope cement.

What is bearing capacity of the system?

Tokoz Premium Pedestal bears at least 1000 kg and Tokoz Clever Pedestal bears at least 500 kg.

Is there any fluctuation on the floor on which application is performed by Tokoz Pedestals?

We can say it is stability is less than the floors on which it is performed with soil mixture or stabilized soil. However, it is certain it will give wonderful results if it is used well and properly.

What is Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck?

It is a technological product that brings superior features and advantages of both wood and plastic into use for human being by combining glass fibers and high-intensity PE or PVC raw material with high technology, gathers low maintenance and high resistance together while it makes us feel natural view and warmth of wood.

What are the most important advantages of Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck products compared to natural wood?

It is free from all disadvantages of natural wood. It is much longer lasting than the wood. It doesn’t need maintenance like wood. It doesn’t show any sliminess, even though it is wet, any shiver, fracture, deflection and flexion like wood. It is water and moisture resistant compared to wood. It is resistant to mug and insect. It is easy to mount it. It is eco-friendly as it is a recycling material.

How is the durability of Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck?

According to standard EN 350-1 that defines durability of wood-based products, Tokoz PWC is at the highest level of classification. Tokoz WPC was tested in accordance with standard EN 15531-1 in which test methods are expressed for dense wood-based materials and products. Within the criteria, it is resistant to artificial abrasion (color change and impact resistance), moisture resistance (mass gain, height increase, expansion increase and thickness increase), termite and soft necrotic micro fungus living in the soil.

Is there any harmful chemical or toxic on Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck floor coverings?

There is no toxic and harmful chemical on Tokoz WPC deck products.

How do Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck products react to fire?

It is a inflammable material because it includes cellulose and plastic but the rate of inflammation and ignition is low.

Do Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck products become slippery when they get wet?

No, they don’t become slipper when they are dry or wet.

What will happen if Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck is soaked for a long time?

It absorbs almost no water. There was no decrease in durability of the products even though they had been left into superheated water for 24 hours. Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck products absorb water less than 0.15. Products do not float, they sink.

Can Tokoz Wood Plastic Composite Deck products be painted or polished?

It is not necessary, but they can be painted and polished if required.